The STUDIO TRE was founded in 1992 to meet the tasks and requirements of restoration, using efficient entrepreneur structures in combination with competence of maintenance, of history, artistic and architectural objects. We work on frescos, wall decorations, decorated ceilings, paintings on canvas, wood and stucco, sculptures, plaster, terracotta and stone.

We also analyze artistic works considering their condition and value of preservation, work out appraisals about environmental hostile influences, and conduct counseling, using professional photography. We arrange reasonable transportation of delicate works of art. We accompany projects deliberatively.

The result of our experience at the sector of restoration is the production of materials for plaster and paintings, using the base of lime and natural colour. Since it’s founding the STUDIO TRE has grow up to be the leading entrepreneur in the province of Arezzo. With the goals of quality and further expansion - due to our contacts and our experience – we fostered professionalism, which creates and enhances research.

In our interventions we obey the rules of the assembly of the European parliament of 1993 and the Italian law DPR34/2000. Beginning with recording the stadium of conservation and the factor of decay we undertake further careful studies of the work. For its stabilization we use modern equipment with the lowest degree of penetration; for the cleaning we use non-aggressive products according to the latest findings. For the integration of material and colour we make sure that our approaches guarantee recognition and reversal. The reconstruction of fragments is based on precise design or cast. We settle service in charge of third parties, provide material, consultation, techniques and administration.

We accomplish direct investigations without interference, using optical microscopy, ultraviolet/infrared reflectography and X-ray photography; cross-section-method, micro-chemical analysis of pigments, binders, resin, salts and biodeteriogens; granulate and colour analyses of mortar; measurements of temperature, humidity, air-movement, light-intensity, dew-point; professional photography in black/white and colour, printing copy or digitalized.

We propose decorations for interior and outside spheres in traditional techniques and realize them with materials of the epoch of the building. We create the studies and offer advice about the psychological effects of colour to human beings, to their behaviour in connection with material and colour, specifically with walls, tissue, glass, stone and marble. We create reliefs and proposals for gradation of colour at facades, of historical centres in context with landscape.

As a result of our experience and studies of ancient treatises following up by laboratory trials and applications at the building site we established production and sale of plaster and stucco, based on lime and original soils, for which we used components of quality and traditional formulation without exception.
Due to the natural origin of this first class material and the absence of harmful substances it is suited especially to bio-architectural purposes, for restoration and recovery of historic surfaces and to achieve cover layers of high value.

Since 1995 we have developed vocational training. We work directly or co-operate with the society FORMAZIONE SENZA FRONTIERE (training without limits) in the organization and guidance of courses, meetings, lectures in schools and universities, enterprises, associations concerning restoration and recovery of artistic work and good architecture with the traditional, historical materials and techniques. We are a partner of the project MASTER, of the EU Community Initiative EQUAL for the restoration of historic architecture, with residences in Arezzo, Rapolano Terme, Florence, Paris and Barcelona.
in 2006 Med Coperation.
From 2009 con Municipality of Arezzo, Anghiari and Rapolano Terme ed altri soggetti pubblici e privati Studio TRe è partner della SCUOLA EUROPEA DEI MESTIERI.

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TOMMASO SENSINI, CEO, Restauratore, esperto in chimica dei materiali e tecniche tradizionali. CV ->
TIZIANA CONTI, Restauratrice, esperta di pittura, affresco e colore. CV ->
Nicola Benocci, Coordinatore dei cantieri
Ilaria Tommasini, di Ambralis, segreteria e comunicazione
The Crew: da tre a six persons organizzati in due gruppi specializzati

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